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Gear: Mini Tripod & Cellphone Mount

The guys from Xtreme Xccessories hit me up with a challenge. Take a Mini Tripod & cellphone mount, and make some magic. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I hit the outdoors in search of the perfect shot!

Table Mountain at sunset never disappoints, and there is this little ravine called Dassie Valley that I’ve always wanted to tackle. The timing was perfect as the light hit the mountains in the most glorious way, basking it in a golden glow. That light, and my new gadgets, made taking the million dollar shot so easy!

The mini tripod has a very functional adjustable strap, which can be tied around the wrist or any quick access point from your backpack. The tripod legs are super durable, flexible and remain very stable on any uneven surface, perfect for the rough rocky terrain I was exploring.

I first tested the tripod with my GoPro and was very happy with the stability and positions I managed to achieve, balancing it in all sorts of precarious positions and angles. Gone are the days where the perfect photo opportunity is out of reach!

I then quick sticks swopped my GoPro for my phone to test the cellphone mount, and what a pleasure! I love the fact that you can shoot horizontally or vertically, depending on your scenery or object. The mount also includes a soft foam bumper, stretchable rubber arms and protective rubber lips. It fits any tripod or selfie stick with a 1/4"-20 threading.

I also swapped out my phone with my GoPro using the cellphone mount and it also worked like wonders. Versatility at it's best!

Overall I am super stoked with the quality and functionality of the tripod and cellphone mount.

Any outdoor adventurer will tell you that you only get one chance to take the perfect picture, when the moment is gone, it’s gone. Therefore, quality, accessibility and reliability is key, and the guys from Xtreme Xccessories totally get that as well. Shot guys! (pun intended!)