Hex Valley Media Discovery Tour - Day 2

Location: De Doorns (Hex River Valley)

Day 2 arrived and we had to be up early for a breakfast meeting at Môreson Farm Stall to meet the owners Buks & Johanet Hendrikz. It was hard to say goodbye to the Groothoek hut after a wonderful night in this beautiful location, but plans are already in place for a return journey! Andre’s birthday is in a few weeks and we decided this will be the perfect spot to celebrate.


We brewed some coffee, packed the Pajero and took a last dip in the nearby river stream. Off course by that time we realised we were going to be late for our breakfast meeting! Luckily the people from De Doorns are so accommodating and always smiling, so luckily we were forgiven!


Soon after we hit the 4x4 trail and arrived at Môreson Farm Stall for a freshly baked roosterkoek and wholesome Boeretroos (coffee with extra love!). The owners, Oom Buks & Tannie Johanet, recently moved down from Johannesburg and their personalities are filled with joy and sunshine. Oom Buks is a true legend and full of ‘grappies’! Do yourself a favour and don’t miss this place… a joke is a joke, but you don’t pass up on an opportunity to eat fresh roosterkoek! We stocked up on some goodies (including a sneaky little bottle of mampoer for those cold winter nights) and a few local homemade jams for the wife! (who, by the way, was very sad to miss out on this weekend… so the jam literally sweetened the blow!).


The next stop was Buffelskraal (once the home of the witch of the Exe-River-Valley, Eliza Meiring) and we couldn’t wait to hear about all the stories and rumours from way back in the day. We made our way to Witch House and Melanie started to tell the tale that gave the Hex River its name…


Eliza was a beautiful young lady and all the guys were interested in winning her over. A young lad, Jean Durand, was the lucky man chosen but he had to prove his true chivalry. She tasked him to climb the highest point of the Matroosberg and pick her the most beautiful red Disa flower (Disa Uniflora). Right at the top of the mountain, Jean saw the perfect Disa at the end of a ledge… With lots of effort he made it there but as luck would have it, the rock ledge gave way and he fell to his death. She off course was heart broken, and couldn’t deal with the loss of Jean. She died soon after, although no one is quite sure what was the exact cause of death. Some say she left her house one night and committed suicide at the same rock ledge where Jean died, other say she wrote her initials and ‘1768’ on her windowsill, opened it up and then fell to her death. Whatever the cause of the the death, her ghost has been seen by many a local and we were quite relieved to be there in broad daylight! Andre and I were very keen to “maak spore” and get out of there!


We made our way back to the center of town and stocked up with some braai supplies and beers for our night at Impangele Mountain Lodge. The lodge is accessible from the N1 just after the Veldskoen Farm Stall and situated on a breathtaking hill with spectacular views of the Hexriver mountain ranges.


We explored the area with the Pajero, checking out the 4x4 trails, accommodation and clubhouse facilities. It’s the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a self-catered private and secluded getaway with friends or family. You can read the full accommodation review blog on Impangele Mountain Lodge here.

Another awesome day with awesome people in an awesome location. We spent the rest of the evening watching the sunset in the distance and as the supermoon made an appearance, I swear I could just make out the form of a female figure in the far distance…


Team Secret Adventurers