SSS: The Cape Town Hipster Experience

Location: Cape Town, CBD.

A lot of our guests that travel to CT  have been told tales that this place is hipster central! This got Suna and me thinking… what would the typical hipster in Cape Town get up to, and is there maybe a package we can put together for our own guests to immerse themselves in the so called hipster life?

This is the list we came up with for channeling your inner hipster:  

  • A cool city loft

  • A trendy bicycle 

  • vintage clothes 

  • artisan coffee

  • A really cool hat 

  • And lots of tattoos. 


This didn’t sound too far off from our usual weekend plans… the thought even crossed out minds that maybe, just maybe, we ARE these hipsters that everyone is talking about. No… can’t be! US? NEVER! Hipster, me??? Let’s move swiftly along… 

So most hipsters dwell in the inner city, and we found the perfect spot  on the Perfect Hideways website that basically shouted “…pick me pick me, I’m hipster, but like… only if you want to, dude, I mean, like I don’t even care if you do.. it’s cool man…”.  But we could see straight through the hard to get facade, and booked the hipster place of abode right on the spot and it did not disappoint! This property has a choice of five spaces, each beautifully decorated by owner Doreen de Waal. We stayed in one of the two cottages available, and the space was just filled with light and luxury! It is incredibly central, but you still feel like you are tucked away in a secret part of town. So with hipster pad bedded down…what else? Check out the spot on the Perfect Hideaways website here.

Mode of transport is a bicycle, off course, and not just any kind, it has to be the single speed variety, because gears are so 2000 and late. So off I went to Rook cycles to meet up with my old friend Luke, and duuuuude, this guy ROCKS! I can see this itinerary coming together… how much fun will it be to cruise in the city from one cool spot to another on one of these babies. These bicycles make the cut every single time!


But first, coffee. This is the hipster’s fuel, their raison d’être, and in CT there is many a spot where the hipster can frequent frequently. One such place is P&G, and if you don’t know what this stands for then IDKGI (and if you don’t know what IDKGI stands for, then I don’t know, google it!) So this spot has actually risen above it’s hipster status, because it’s stood the test of time. Here a hipster can grow old in peace, and is even welcomed if he has no facial hair. Here everyone is welcome and the best part of P&G… a guy name Jose. This guy has the best smile in CT, and an amazing story to tell.  Check out this video of his life story here…


Attire is off course also very important for the average hipster, so enter Suna, who is a snazzy little dresser herself. So these days, and rightly so, it’s much better for the planet to wear second hand/ vintage clothing….and Suna has just the spot in mind. It’s called Afraid of Mice…but maybe it should’ve been called Afraid of Mice (and Men)…because whenever Suna comes back from that shop she hides the packages in the car, like I won’t notice?!  Suna: I know you are going to read this, so it’s okay, you can bring the packages into the house now.  But all marital strife aside, this place is awesome to take guests shopping… they stock incredible designer labels like Versace (on the floor) so you can be dripping in finesse… okay okay, I’ll stop with the Bruno Mars lyrics, because he’s not even hipster. Madam Suna even bought Kate Spade shoes there… and I am told, they are as rare as a pink unicorn. Okay then.. I’ll take that as very rare then. 

Then, you gots to have ink man! Sins of Style is the only place in CT where you can have a stick and poke, and your wife won’t consider it cheating. Awesome, where do I sign up!?! So Tyler B Murphy (what a name… it just sounds like it was destined for greatness) is the owner of this joint, and he is a master at the art of tattoo. Whenever we have guests who want to get a tattoo done when in CT, this is where we send them. I off course had to test it out just to make sure it’s decent, more than once by the way, and I can safely say, me, my monkey and my mushroom are all doing well!


And then off course, your head also has to be in the game. Enter Crystal Birch… milliner extraordinaire and all round nice person to be around! Suna went to investigate if you can get your own custom made hat …and turns out you can! Mind blown! The factory, namely Parisian Milliners, is a piece of Cape Town history and well worth the visit - here you will find skilled craftsmen and women, each an artisan in his or her own right. Crystal , however, has blown new life into this almost forgotten art form. She is a creative force and the hats that she dreams up are a sure way to get ahead in hipster circles. if you are lucky, you may run into her 85 year old business partner, Mr Harry Faktor. Hats off to him for keeping the factory going for so many years! This is an amazing experience, and we cannot wait to take clients to this factory, who knows, they may walk out, head high, wearing custom Crystal!

hipster 4.png

Hipsters also need grub, just like the rest of us. And how is this for coincidence? So you know our awesome spot where we stayed, well Doreen’s daughter happens to be a chef, and not just any chef… enter Jade de Waal! So if you have never met Jade, then have you even lived? She is a one of a kind personality and if you join her for one of her Food Jams, you will see why. This is such a fun experience for guests..they get to learn new skills, drink bubbly and the best part, eat like kings afterwards. Participants are paired up, and each team is given a challenge to prepare, where you can either follow the recipe or improvise… the result, however, is always delicious!

hipster 3.png

So there you have it hard can it be to be a hipster? Sounds pretty epic to me, I might try it one day! So if you too think you can give hipsterdom a try, and if the shoe fits (and the hat off course), then hook us up…I think we’ve got it down to the T(attoo)!

Until next time, happy urban exploring! #SienSmaakSlaap

Henk & Suna