SSS: The Arty Kalk Bay Experience

Location: Kalk Bay, Cape Peninsula

Beautiful Kalk Bay was recently named as one of The 12 Coolest Cities Around The World by Forbes magazine (July 2018) and nogals outranking London and New York in the process. Vat so! Part-sleepy fishing village and part-buzzy high street, Kalk Bay is an eclectic and bohemian mix of people, buildings, bric-a-brac shops, bookstores and art galleries. Which made it really easy to put together an arty experience for our guests who want to tap into their creative sides. This little charmer of a village did not disappoint… and we are very thrilled by what we managed to put together.

Early morning, Suna met up with local fine arts photographer, Andrew Hewett, to learn the art of water photography. Let me rephrase… ‘learning the art’ may be too loose a term to apply in this case, but she tried. Kudos to Andrew for showing her the shape of water, and here’s hoping our guests will fare better! Andrew started this project about 8 years ago and also publishes the Lovely Kalk Bay Harbour Calendar each year, which is indeed lovely, by the way. He has perfected the art of water photography through tirelessly waiting for that split second when the weather conditions, tide levels, oil levels and time of day is just right. From his photos, it is clear that he captured a moment in time that will never be repeated again, and therefore considers each photo as a gift. Speaking of gifts, Andrew has agreed that if our clients come for a lesson with Andrew, and he deems one of their photos good enough, it may even be published in the Lovely Kalk Bay Harbour Calender! So all budding photographers, get in line!

I on the other hand had a great time hanging out with local graffiti artist, SergeOne, local legend from the deep South, as he introduced himself. SergeOne is a legend and speaks with respect. The message he tells is that graffiti should be seen all art, it’s a expression of self in natural environments and if it’s respected by requesting permission it can be bring a lot of positive attention and appreciation.

He got permission from a local resident to create an art piece on their wall, in a little urban park in Kalk Bay. He gave me a tutorial in the basic skills of spray painting, how to visualise the process and to how to piece it all together in the spirit of the moment. It takes years to perfect your own style and to keep it authentic. I could see that SergeOne got into his flow and rhythm and finished up the below called Generation Z.

Such an awesome experience, to create a art piece with a graffiti legend of Cape Town and I can’t wait to offer this to future travelling clients.

Check our his other work on his Instagram Account here.

kalkbay 4.png

World famous artist, Beezy Bailey, is a regular face in Kalk Bay and his family home, The Rafters, is the perfect place to stay if you are an art lover. Listed on Perfect Hideaways, this home is a treat for the eyes. The house has a Beezy-esque stamp on it, but you can see the whole family got involved to make this place feel like home. Pretentious and all white it is not - here the idea, it seems, is to kuier and to relax. We were super lucky to get some inside scoops from the ‘Master of The Rafter’ himself, and we will be happy to relay some of these to our guests if they choose to stay here! In case you were wondering, the house got its name from the yellow-wood beams visible in the main bedroom, best viewed from the comfort of the Zanzibari day bed, perfectly positioned overlooking the bay. Also, it’s the perfect spot to pass out when you are a little bit dag dronk… I told you mos this house is made for a lekker kuier!

kalkbay 2.png

We saved the best for last, because for Smaak, we managed to pull out all the stops. Caro Jesse is a food artist of sorts, or rather, food is her medium and with this medium, she plays in the space where food and art co-exist. And sometimes, if you are very lucky, she let’s you into this space. Her work is considered and highly conceptual and through fusing perhaps an image, a smell or a sound with food, she is able to take the viewer or rather, the participant, on a journey into her world. She has much to say and much to teach, but humble as ever, it is up to the viewer to ask the questions and to somehow make the connection to her message. Her current work aims to go back in time to look at ancient tools used for cooking, foraging and making food. She therefore had us eating, much like the ancient Khoi and San tribes would have done, with ystervark quills. Her knowledge of plants is also extraordinary and we loved sitting around a table with her, listening intently to what she has to say. Visually her work is beyond compare - the table truly was her canvas. Unlike most other art forms, hers is fleeting - and part of the art, is the consumption of it. We obliged all too willingly, and through doing so, stepped into her space and for a few heavenly minutes, art and food became one!

kalkbay 1.png

As art lovers ourselves, this experience is probably one of our favourites and we cannot wait to share it with our guests. This package is as diverse as Kalk Bay itself, and yet, there is still so much to discover. Best I spend another few hours at Olympia cafe, overlooking the ocean to think about Kalk Bay: the sequel!