SSS: The 'Groot & Klein' Constantia Experience

Location: The ‘Groot’ and ‘Klein’ Constantia Package

Constantia, so many ‘groot’ and ‘klein’ things to like about this part of Cape Town, and if you stick with us, we have got just the package for you! 

But of course, wherever I go, the ‘groot honger’ is never far behind. A man cannot think on an empty stomach – so for this package, let me begin by telling you about the food! In the Constantia valley lies a gem, and possibly a few gem squash as well. And if anyone will know what to do with a gem squash, it’s Chef Ivor – chef extraordinaire at Chef’s Warehouse Beau Constantia. But don’t take our word for it – ask him yourself! For this package, clients can join chef Ivor in a private box overlooking the terrain, watching him work and then… eating his work. Many small plates, big on flavour. That last desert hit the spot, although it was a blind spot! (refer to TV episode for this inside joke!)

constantia 4.png

Do you know what else is really big in groot Constantia? An upside down sculture called ‘holderstebolder’. You can go and bask in its shadows at the magnificent Norval Foundation, or you can take it a step further like Suna did, and give him a good kick where… well, normally, where the sun doesn’t shine, but in this case, he is kinda standing on his head…so, I can’t blame her! And worst still, the artist actually encouraged her! Angus Taylor, the world renowned sculptor was her tour guide for the day, and I’m sorry, but did I detect a bit of blushing from Suna? It’s safe to say she was girl-crushing a bit, but that’s ok, the same happens to me when I see a wild mushroom!

The Norval Foundation is a must see for our clients, and there is so much more to do that just climbing statues. The space itself is an architectural feet, featuring wonderful artists and exhibits….. The sculpture garden is a feast for the senses – not only to see all the exquisitely curated artworks, but also to smell the fynbos! Don’t get me wrong, I love the manmade art, but nature is an incredible artist herself.

constantia 3.png

Speaking of nature and art, the ancient technique of Bonsai is the perfect combination of both.  As an avid Japan lover, I’ve always had a big desire to try my hand at creating one of these small trees. We thought this would be the perfect addition to our package. It was lovely to meet Debbie from Bishopsford Bonsai Nursery and her appreciation of this fine ancient art. This is the biggest bonsai nursery in the Western Cape situated and owned by Gail Theron. She has been growing bonsai since 1969 and was mainly self-taught.

The nursery has a massive number of bonsai trees for sale and also a private collection for viewing. The oldest bonsai is 120 years old! They also offer bonsai workshops, where one can select, build and trim your own bonsai. It’s a really amazing experience and why wait to visit Japan, if you can do it right here in the backyard of Constantia.

constantia 1.png

After getting to know the big and the small of the Constantia region, we found a place to lay our heads that was just right! Off course it had to be on a wine farm and a little bit Cape-Duthcy-esque! (English teachers: I’m sorry for that word). Enter Perfect Hideaways with this little gem called Hope Cottage

The owners are insanely talented, because between the two of them, they renovated and decorated the sh*t out of this place! Maybe even literally, because this was where the cows came home back in the day. But it was time to say mooooooove-it to the cows and  the result was this classy and sophisticated abode with a very distinct African flavour. Which brings me to one of my favourite cow jokes, and the relevance of it here on this blog is zero, but how often am I going to speak about cows again in a blog, so here goes: what did the one calf say to the other calf: where da other udder for da other brudder?  (I’m sorry.. but it was funny when I was five)

constantia 2.png

So after tasting the food of chef Ivor, drank wine fit for emperors, scaled towering sculptures, pruned mini trees and slept in a reimagined cow shed, we can safely say, I think our Groot and Klein Constantia package is pretty much as diverse as it comes. Big accomplishment, no small feat!

See ya on the flip side!

Henk & Suna