SSS: The Trendy Atlantic Seaboard Experience

Location: Atlantic Seaboard

Some call the Atlantic Seaboard the Riviera of Cape Town, others refer to it as the Cote d’Azur of South Africa - those people mainly work in property sales. Which made me wonder when are people going to refer to the French Riviera as the ‘Atlantic Seaboard’ of France? I suppose the name doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as easily. But I can tell you, the name might not be that catchy, but the area is very fetching! So between catching and fetching, this spot is clearly very trendy. And that’s exactly why we curated this experience - we wanted to showcase the best this area has to offer, and put in on the map for being unique to Cape Town.

Avalon, listed on Perfect Hideaways, is located on the promenade, which roughly translates to heaven on your doorstep. The apartment is filled with light and space and when all the windows are flung open, the panoramic views of the ocean is breath taking. The decor is classy and sophisticated, but undoubtedly beachy. It’s a perfect spot from which to explore the area and if you don’t feel like going anywhere, then it means you gave into the trappings of the sun drenched balcony, and that’s also fine!

atlantic sea board  1.png

We suspect this might happen to many people, so we figured best we avoid starvation and organise a celebrity chef to come and cook for guests in the comfort of home. Luckily for them, Chef Caro Alberts is not one to let anyone get hangry under her watch, so they will be in good hands! An added bonus is that she is really gorgeous and vibrant, with personality for days! This package is all about being trendy, and we really wanted to showcase how trendy and delish vegan food can be. This lifestyle choice is obviously far more than just a trend, but many people often assume vegan food is boring. Well lemme just say ‘boring’ and ‘Caro’ can never be used in the same sentence (except this one, because here it is being used in the same sentence). She can put the Caro-spell on anything and before you know it, you will be licking the plates and asking ‘please miss, can I have some more?’. Suna and myself are not vegan but we are completely on board with the concept, and we have adopted our lifestyles tremendously to try and cut out animal products where we can.  It is hard, but off course, when Caro comes in, and makes it look super easy, then living the vegan life doesn’t seem so hard afterall!

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Speaking of all things green, Suna learnt the very ancient but now also very trendy art of building terrariums. In case you weren’t 100% sure just HOW magical a terrarium is, think about it is as a fully functioning eco-system. Within these sealed glass bottles, entire natural processes like photosynthesis, respiration and the water cycle play themselves out. To master this technique however, is not easy. George Birch is an expert in South Africa on closed terrariums and he gave Suna a teaser of what clients can expect when they book this experience with us, on the roof of the Radisson Red no less! Let me tell you, you gots to know whether a rolling stone does or doesn’t gather moss, because knowledge about moss is critical. Luckily George mos knows all of these things, and watching this master at work is like watching a miniature world being assembled. So if you have always wanted to be at the centre of your own universe, build a terrarium!

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I got the chance to hang out with Jean-Marc Johannes. He is a current Guinness World record holder for the most Nollie Heelflips in one minute. Watch the action here. For those that don’t now what a NOLLIE is… A Nollie Heelflip is when a rider pops the skateboard at the nose end, kicking out the right foot spinning the board and after full rotation lands back on the board.

This kid got real skills and I mean some serious crazy skateboard flipping skills. He gave a quick lesson to Ollie and kick-flip… and flip, did that go down well! I felt like and idiot, as I totally forgot I was goofy footed and not natural… Guys, it’s been years since I’ve skateboard and thinking of it, I was the rollerblade kid on the block :) Never the less, it was awesome getting private skating lessons from a legend. Jean-Marc is going to the Olympic games in 2020 to represent South Africa, and I’m sure he is going to make us proud. Go champ, go take that gold medal!

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So there you have it - to be #trending in the Atlantic Seaboard, all you have to do is skateboard down the promenade, whilst eating vegan sushi, and carry a terrarium in your back pack. That really doesn’t sound too hard. If you want to give these experiences, and anything else a go, you know where to find us!