SSS: The Land & Sea Langebaan Experience

Location: Langebaan, West Coast.

So hand’s up if you’ve ever been to Langebaan? Did you know, there is much more to Langebaan than crazy wind, Flamingo’s nightclub and Club Mikanos. Don’t believe us? Check out what we came up with for our Surf and Turf (oftewel, land en see) experience!

I am obviously the sea part and Suna is obviously the land part. Although, I slightly regretted shotgunning the sea part because after my lesson with Karo van Tonder, I see now, that windsurfing in the sea ain’t no joke! But let’s rewind a bit… For this experience we thought it would be a great idea to add a water sport  to our package, and therefore we contacted Karo, who agreed to teach me, and our potential clients, the art of this sport. Karo is a pro wind-surfer, and has broken records left, right and centre. She is the only woman in the world to complete and win an 80km windsurf race! The race in question is the Mauritius Challenge, a gruelling 80km windsurf through the Pointe d’esny in Mauritius. She beat err’body - including some very pro guys, and therefore I was very thrilled to have her as my teacher.


Suna on the other hand got to explore Langebaan in style. Madam chartered a freaking catamaran from Elite Charters to go and check out the rabbits on Schaapeneiland, an island in the Langebaan lagoon. The island’s history goes as far back as 500 000 years ago, early Homo sapiens were probably present in the area, and about 400 years ago, the Europeans each had a stake in using Schaapeneiland for one or other use, whether it was to provide safe grazing for their sheep away from the roaming lions to storing whale oil and seal hides. As a food source, a European rabbit was introduced to the island, and you know how rabbits breed… It is however incredible that these rabbits have survived all these centuries on a very inhospitable island, with no fresh water source. Today the island is very much a protected area, setting foot on the island is not allowed. Luckily for Suna, the guys from Elite Charters managed to get the catamaran close enough to see the island’s famous inhabitants.  We believe this is the perfect experience for our guests...imagine a West Coast sunset on the lagoon,  cruising with a glass of bubbly without a care in the world! No wonder Suna jumped at the chance to shotgun this one!

What is a trip to the West Coast without a bokkom? For those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s basically it is biltong of the sea. To be more clear, it is a dried out fish, guts and all. If it sounds fishy, let me tell you, you are not wrong. However, when in Langebaan, you gotta eat what the locals eat. However, never fear, because there are ways and means  to make it a bit more palatable for beginner bokkom consumers, as we soon found out. Chef Heinrich of the West Coast Chef school, challenged me and Suna to a bokkom vetkoek competition and off course, Suna’s competitive streak came out! We had to sell our attempts to unsuspecting locals, and suffice to say, my vetkoek were apparently a bit low on the bokkom flavour! Just shows you, in these parts you don’t hold back when it comes to bokkoms, here you gooi! So well done to Suna for beating me here, probably the first time in her life when it came to a food challenge! Either way, it was a lot of fun and I think our guests will be pleasantly surprised by this local delicacy, and also perhaps try their hand at making some!


As for our place of abode, Langebaan did not disappoint. Our contemporary hideaway is ideal for family and friends due to the open plan layout. The kuiers around the braai or fireplace are what memories are made of. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect spot to have a G&T than on the rooftop deck, unfortunately the weather had other plans, and we settled on the wonderful fireplace. Our gin of choice, A Mari, was specifically selected for this experience because it is distilled with Atlantic ocean water -how cool is that! I decided to make us some special Blue Lagoon cocktails in honour of this beautiful spot. It sleeps 10 people, and has a wide array of amenities such as a pool, DSTV and wi-f, but the best amenity is probably that the Langebaan beach is your backyard.