Elevate Yourself with the Ox-Trail Racer

Gear: Hi-Tec V-Lite Ox-Trail Racer

Thanks to Hi-Tec, Suna and myself have been given a much needed kick up the backside to get out of the house and back into the mountains. Winter isn’t even coming anymore, it’s practically over and somehow, the two of us seemed to have spent the entire time net-flixing and chilling. So when the pair of his and hers trail running shoes arrived in the mail, we knew it was finally time to oil those joints, and get back into the mountains.


Suna has not set foot again in the mountains since the Everest Base Camp Trek. Most people will do a hike like that and say ‘thank you, next’…but Suna was sticking with ‘thank you, rest’. And boy, did she rest! Luckily she is attracted to anything pink, much like a bull who only sees red. When I waved the shoes in her direction, she was like a moth to a flame…


Luckily the moth gained some momentum when finally in the mountains and the two of us managed a not too shabby trail run to test out our new kicks. Make no mistake, we did regret drinking all those copious amounts of red wine this entire winter, the dubious slices of many a pizza and the bingeing of many a series, but… you know what, our life choices are improving by the minute. Turns out, you just need an impetus to move, and for us, that impetus was a new pair of shoes.


So with spring in the air, what better way to put the spring back into your step than with a proper pair of trail running shoes. Being a very avid trail runner, I have tried and tested many trail running shoes and TBH, I go through them quite quickly. I am really hard on trail running shoes, so ultimately I am looking for shoes that are durable, and that can withstand the type of terrain I normally traverse. Through the years of trial and error (or should I say trail and terror) I have learnt many hard lessons about what works and what doesn’t. I now look for a decent toe box, because losing a toe nail just isn’t on my to-do list right now, and secondly, the lace up system is crucial to keep your foot in place. It also comes with an extra set of normal laces, if you are not a fan of the speed laces.

This shoe from Hi-Tec ticks all of those boxes, and if they didn’t, trust me, this shoe would be relegated to mere Sunday strolls with the missus. Luckily, these shoes are absolutely in the premier league of trail running shoes, and the goal is to really put them through their paces in the next couple of months.


As for the lady in pink, look, she’s never going to be the next ‘Ryana’ Sands of trail running, that much we know for sure, and that’s also ok! It’s ultimately about getting off the damn couch and taking it step for step to get back into a healthy groove. We don’t run to ‘get our summer bodies’ back in shape, we don’t run to punish ourselves for eating the last stukkie melktert, we run because there’s freedom in movement. There’s nothing like running down a mountain at full speed, jumping from rock to rock. We were not made to conk out in front of a telly all day, or to scroll mindlessly through the lives of others. We were made for so much more. These bodies of ours, no matter the shape or fitness level were made to explore, to run, to chase, to leap and to feel immense joy at doing what feels good. And do you know what feels even better? Doing it in shoes that allow you to be the best you!


Overall the Ox-Trail Racer is engineered for performance and quality. The lightweight snug fit of the shoe gives that extra feeling of running in the air and works super well on the technical trails. After all, one wants to feel the natural movement and motion of the feet and that’s exactly what you get from these babies!

Thanks Hi-Tec, we love them and will definitely take them out on all our upcoming adventures!


***Available at www.hi-tec.co.za for R999


  • High performance nylon upper with no-sew support structure for stability and snug fit

  • V-LITE lightweight design

  • Soft mesh lining for breathability and comfort

  • Moulded EVA footbed for comfort

  • Elastic lace and toggle for easy on and off comfort

  • Impact-absorbing CMEVA midsole ensures long lasting cushioning and comfort

  • Deep lug outsole for off-road traction

  • Flex grooves enhance the natural motion of the foot

  • M-D Traction outsole improves grip walking both up and downhill