Inov-8 X-Talon 200

Gear:  Inov-8 X-Talon 200

As soon as I opened the shoe box and picked up the X-Talon 200's, I knew this is a beast of trail run shoe...

I started at the beginning of Pipe Track, trail running past Kasteelpoort, Woody Raving and another unknown closed path which I will check out next time. The sun was smiling around the mountain behind me with a beautiful bed of fog beneath me.

Just holding them, my first impressions were: super super lightweight (only 200g), a sabre-tooth sole growling back at you and insane flexibility (the toe can bend backwards to the heel). Overall, a beautiful specimen. This shoe means business right from the start.

new shoes2

OK, before you get too excited here is the standard specifications on the X-Talon 200:

  • Fit : Standard Fit

  • Gender : Unisex

  • Footbed: 6mm

  • Drop : 3mm

  • Grip : 8mm sticky rubber studs

  • Arrow: 1 Arrow (high responsive)

  • Midsole: Injected EVA

  • Weight: 200g / 7oz

"A flexible, lightweight racing shoe that delivers unrivalled grip over soft or extreme terrain and is super-fast on dry trails too."

The first fit feels like a glove around your foot. Cinderella would've been impressed! I was a bit worried at the start that the shoes might be too small, but after some walking around the wider toe box becomes apparent and provides enough movement due to the new Standard Fit which Inov-8 have introduced lately. Standard fit suits those with wider feet and runners who enjoy longer treks on an all terrain area.  It also has a narrow lacing system for a more secure and snug fit if you prefer the support around the ankle area.

Test run

Test 1: Jeep Track

Damn! These shoes are so light... it felt like I was running on top of the clouds! An absolutely insane natural feeling and perfect absorption on the flat ground. I immediately got into my rhythm and with some cross and side steps could feel that my ankle is so secure due to the narrow ankle fit and wider toe box style.

grass roots

Test 2: Wet Grass

Soon after the jeep track, I turned towards the wet grass section to test the grip. Sorry but did someone mention wet grass?? It felt like dry dirt. I went a couple of times up and down this section, even adding more weight to the front and then leaning more back in order to try and 'slip'.. but alas, all attempts at looking like an idiot was in vain! Another bonus is the breathable mesh forefoot allowing for quick water drainage. If I had a chance to swim in these, I would have had no second thoughts. 


Test 3: Rock Garden

The moment I was waiting for.. testing these 8mm lugs running up and down some rocky sections. The grip on these shoes is certainly the best feature. There is no room for slippage other than bad judgement calls, which, I'm afraid, no shoe in the world can help you with! Even on the loose rocks and ground, the shoes offer exceptional grip all round. The only critism I could offer at this stage is the rubber toe bumper. As mentioned earlier, the shoe felt a bit too tight and my big toes (yeah, I have huge toes!) where right against the toe bumper when running down the steep technical rocky sections. However, most other Inov-8 fan reviews suggest to hold out for a few rounds as the shoes do stretch and mould around your foot shape. 

Close up

Test 4: All Terrain

After some technical running, I decided to hit the rest of the test trail. Cruising through the forest single track on hard ground, loose rocks, soft sand and mud pools, I managed to get some kilometres on my legs. This led to my final conclusion that the shoes are definitely an all surface master of grip combined with lightweight flexibility. I hope the following summary helps your with your final decision at purchase:


  • The ultimate rubber sole for grip on all terrains and surfaces (soft or hard)

  • Flexible, lightweight and natural minimalist feel when running

  • Wider toe box for increased comfort

  • Secured narrow lace system for mid-foot support

  • Increased protection around the rubber toe bumper

  • For your technical ascents & descents type of races


  • Size and foot shape specific, I suggest you try them on at a store first and have a test trot

  • Side protection is minimal (sneaky sticks and sharp rocks could surprise you...)

  • Long distance... not sure, as I still need to go for a +18km run in them

  • Not ideal for the flat fun runs / jeep only tracks

Overall: I personally love these shoes and feel like I could take them anywhere with me, whether it's a technical trail run race, individual adventure or just exploring the mountain ranges on my own. A 'must have' if you like collecting trail shoes!